Hatswork Round-Up: October 12, 2017

October 12, 2017 - By Emily Potter

Today we’re looking at even more headwear trends in the promotional space.

We’ll also look at how one cap company is stepping up to help recent hurricane victims.


2017’s Hottest Trends in Promotional Apparel

Hopefully by now you’re familiar with our bi-annual trend series where we cover headwear fashions for women, men, youth, and athleisure.

This article looks at not only the stylistic trends, but also the functionality of performance fabrics and high-tech apparel and what all that means for the promotional space.

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Topping Off Your Hat Promotions

Historically, men wore hats every day; it was a staple in their outfit. Many believe that tradition died when President John F. Kennedy didn’t wear one to his inauguration in 1961. This paved the way for the baseball cap we know and love today.

Can you imagine putting a logo on a Pork Pie or Panama hat?

Beanies and other knitted hats are gaining more traction in the promotional space. These are especially valuable to industries like construction that spend a lot of time outdoors, particularly in the winter months.

This article also cites schools, microbrewers, and cannabis distributors as heavy consumers of logoed headwear.

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Support Hurricane Recovery with these Local-Pride Hats

Codeword or (code)word is a hat company that makes hats with a city’s area code emblazoned on the front. It donates a portion of every sale to a children’s hospital in that city.

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, The Hat That Gives Back™ stepped up to make TEX and FLA caps donating 35% of each sale (instead of the normal 20%) to the Houston Food Bank and the South Florida Food Bank.

Their website boasts that one cap purchase will provide 21 meals to hurricane victims. So far, they’ve been able to afford over 80,000 meals.

How does your company step up to give back in times of disaster? Tell us all about it in the comments below. You can also follow us on Instagram using the hashtag #hatswork.

Emily Potter

Emily is the Content Marketer for Outdoor Cap Co. She holds an M.A. in AD & PR from the University of Alabama and a B.B.A in Marketing. Emily is an avid Crimson Tide football fan. She has a golden retriever named Opie Winston, and a cat named Tide.


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