Youth Hat Trends: Autumn/Winter 2017

August 29, 2016 - By Emily Potter

Today, we bring you Youth Hat Trends, the third article in the Autumn/Winter 2017 style series.

As we know, every season has 4 overarching trends.

The first style for the A/W ‘17 season is full of soft pastels and greys with hipster inspiration. The trend has a handcrafted feel at a mass produced level.

The second trend consists of deep earth tones, predominately reds, browns, and greens. Earth elements like wood grains, fire, and recyclable materials are used throughout.

The third style revolves around an active lifestyle and performance fabrics. Reflective and metallic elements on grey-scale garments are common.

The final trend also uses a lot of pastels. Retro looks are met with modern technology and bright pops of color and texture.

Check out our blog from the previous weeks where we covered women’s and men’s styles. Next week, we will go over active and performance apparel, so don’t forget to check back on Monday.


There is an assortment of techniques and embellishments forecasted for girl’s headwear in the A/W ‘17 season.

These include textured velvet, soft fringe, satiny fur, ethereal lace and reflective fabrics, fur trims, iridescent feathers, textured metallic, ombre layers, folds and pleats, bonded fleece and plush textures, oil slick metallics, galactic elements, night forest critters, and retro stripes.


For girls, pre-curved visors are way more popular than flat. Animal and floral prints, as well as chevron and polka dots, are common patterns. California is a common motif. Bling elements and character shapes add embellishment.

Cold Weather

Poms remain popular for girls; we’re also seeing double pigtail poms. Chunky cable weaves, multi-colored heathering, and ombre effects are all popular with knits. Polka dots, rhinestones, and taglines are used here as well.


Some common elements for girls include hearts, butterflies, elephants, anchors, food, puppies, kittens, and sugar skulls. California is popular here as well. Metallic and rhinestone embellishments are used with motivational taglines.

Youth Hat Trends


There are a variety of decoration elements expected for boy’s headwear in the A/W ‘17 season.

These include seasoned tweeds, sustainable denim, corduroy, and weaved fabrics, blurred checks and plaids, architectural structures, waffled and quilted textures, pastel fades, chameleon stripes, color blocking, weather-beaten pieces, and lumberjack inspired looks.


Flat visors are more popular among boys, but pre-curved are still being used. Designs are sublimated and pattern-heavy. California is common among boys styles also.

Cold Weather

Both poms and ombre effects have made their way over to boy’s styles. Stripes, heathering, and character images are also very common for knits.


We’re seeing a lot of distressed graphics and line illustrations. Novelty images such as sloths, dinosaurs, and food themes are present. Motivational taglines with loud typography are common.

Youth Hat Trends


The youth hat trends also include toddlers. The color palettes for little ones are as follows: boy’s hats consist of softer versions of primary colors and earth tones, girl’s hats use bright, happy pastels with an emphasis on shades of pink.


Styles for toddler girls include loud typography with cute taglines and sayings full of attitude. Butterflies are a common motif. Floral elements and cute animals such as deer, puppies, kittens, and penguins are used a lot.


Trends for toddler boys include loud typography with tough, clever taglines. Monster and dinosaur graphics are both very common. Hunting, fishing, and team sports are also popular elements.

Join us next Monday for the final blog in the A/W ’17 series where we’ll cover athleisure styles. Let us know what you think about the youth hat trends in the comments below; you can also follow us on Instagram using the hashtag #hatswork.

Emily Potter

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