Youth Hat Trends: Spring/Summer 2018

April 3, 2017 - By Emily Potter

Today, we bring you Youth Hat Trends, the third article in the Spring/Summer 2018 style series.

As we know, every season has 4 overarching trends.

The first style for the S/S ‘18 season is full of desert-inspired colors and textures. Colors become secondary to earth tones and features.

The second trend consists of patterns and designs pulled from cultures all over the globe. It mixes traditional materials with intricate, personalized, and rebellious pieces.

The third style revolves around the marriage of modern nightlife and hyper-tropical influences. Pieces are known to have iridescent, translucent, neon, or metallic properties.

The final trend focuses on key summer aesthetics by combining luminous pastels with bright primary colors. Transformational textures and patterns create shifting effects.

Check out our blog from the previous weeks where we covered women’s and men’s styles. Next week, we will go over athleisure headwear, so don’t forget to check back on Monday.

It’s not too late to review and prepare for Autumn/Winter 2017 as well.


There is an assortment of techniques and embellishments forecasted for girl’s headwear in the S/S ’18 season.

These include ruffles, raw edges, destroyed denim, colorless florals, exotic plant life, food graphics, large-scale lettering, emojis, best friend graphics, and classic pastels.


For girls, pre-curved visors are way more popular than flat. You’ll see a lot of nature graphics and beach themes as well as pop culture references and emojis. Chevron and floral prints are common.


Unique tie-dyes and marble effects are going to be very popular. Geometric patterns, stripes, and chevron will remain stable. You can also expect polka dots, hearts, florals, and palms.


Some common elements for girls include bohemian graphics and brush typography. Nature themes are common with circular graphics of wildlife. Butterflies and food are also common.

Youth Hat Trends


There are a variety of decoration elements expected for boy’s headwear in the S/S ’18 season.

These include dye techniques, acid washing, splatter prints, abstract shapes, sepia tones, positive statements, and large forest animal graphics.


Flat visors are more popular among boys, but you will still see some pre-curved options. The styles are very clean and derive from adult fashions.


Geometric patterns and varigated textures are going to be huge. You’ll also see a lot of generic camo, and pop culture references, as well as nature-inspired patterns like palms, sharks, and other sea life.


We’re seeing a lot of tough wildlife graphics like dinosaurs, sharks, alligators, and wolves. Outdoor lifestyle graphics including hunting, fishing, and beach scenes coupled with motivational taglines will be popular as well.

Youth Hat Trends


The youth hat trends extend to toddlers as well. The color palettes for little ones are as follows: boy’s hats consist of primary colors and neutral tones, girl’s hats use bright, happy pastels with an emphasis on shades of pink.


Styles for toddler girls include playful bold typefaces with hearts and floral elements. Whimsical nature graphics and simplified illustrations will also be popular.


Trends for toddler boys include graphics with attitude or humor. You’ll see lots of animal and dinosaur illustrations with playful bold type.

Join us next Monday for the final blog in the S/S ’18 series where we’ll cover athleisure styles. Let us know what you think about the youth hat trends in the comments below; you can also follow us on Instagram using the hashtag #hatswork.

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