Hatswork Round-Up: September 19, 2019

September 19, 2019 - By Emily Potter

It is only fitting that I listen to the A Star is Born soundtrack as I write today’s Round-Up, but more on that in a minute. First, we’re going to look at two articles about promo opportunities surrounding medical and recreational cannabis.  

CTV News

Cannabis Legalization has Knock-On Effects for Pot-Themed Merchandise

It wasn’t long ago that Canada completely legalized the use of marijuana. But now, business owners are fighting a new battle. They don’t see the logic behind allowing the use of cannabis but outlawing merchandise brandishing the traditional pot leaf symbol.

With the legalization of cannabis sales, promo opportunities expounded overnight for everyone involved in the industry.


Promo Opportunities Spark with Legal Cannabis

This article includes an interview with Olivia Mannix, the founder and CEO of Cannabrand, a cannabis marketing company in Colorado.

Since marijuana advertising is regulated evenly more strictly than liquor and cigarettes, giveaways at events and trade shows is the primary source of marketing for many in the business. Apparel is king according to Mannix.

The legal marijuana industry in the U.S. is expected to reach over $150 billion by 2025.

Promo Marketing

A Star is Born Merch Features Real-Life T-Shirts for Movie’s Fictional Musical Artists\

If you saw A Star is Born, you likely fell in love with Jackson Maine and Ally, but did you know you can get actual artist merch for the fictional musicians?

Do you live in a state that allows recreational marijuana use? How have you seen the promotional industry evolve since the law changed? Are companies embracing the promo opportunities or are they still fearful of the potential backlash? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #hatswork.

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