Hatswork Round-Up: April 4, 2019

April 4, 2019 - By Emily Potter

In today’s Round-Up, we’re looking at another retailer joining the promotional products business. We will also discuss advertising methods and bizarre products.

Promo Marketing

New Costco Promotional Products Business Launches Via Harland Clarke

We have talked in the past about Walmart and Amazon joining the promotional products business. But today, a new retail giant has entered the ring: Costco.

Texas-based integrated marketing service provider, Harland Clarke, fulfills personalized orders for both Walmart and Costco. This gives end consumers the ability to order items on their own items without going through the traditional promotional products business channels.

If this trend continues and end-users can cut out the middle man, how do you think it will affect our industry?


Eight Simple Ways to Make the Best of Advertising to Generate Piles of Money

This article is all about finding a balance between an aggressive advertising medium and a cost-effective marketing budget. Think back to business school: The Four Ps of Marketing are Price, Product, Place, and Promotion.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Instructional Videos
  3. Reddit and Quora
  4. Banners and Signs
  5. Promotional Products
  6. Social Networks
  7. Micro-Influencers
  8. Customer Referral Program


Trend Watch: Imagination

Here on Hatswork, we spend a lot of time discussing seasonal trends for women, men, youth, and athleisure markets. This article is not that.

This article explores a trend you might not consider in relation to headwear: imagination. The ability to dream up off-the-wall products that break tradition and bend rules. Products you wouldn’t offer to just any group of trade show attendees. These are the items reserved for start-ups that take risks, or college job fairs full of students who dare to dream.

Check out the first item on this list, you won’t regret it. Here’s a hint: it’s a hat.

What are your predictions for the future of the promotional products business? Share yours in the comments below. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #hatswork.

Emily Potter

Emily is the Content Marketer for Outdoor Cap Co. She holds an M.A. in AD & PR from the University of Alabama and a B.B.A in Marketing. Emily is an avid Crimson Tide football fan. She has a golden retriever named Opie Winston, and a cat named Tide.


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