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Hatswork Round-Up: December 20, 2018

In today's Round-Up, we're looking at a movement led by educators 1 across the U.S. We'll also talk about how one piece of the NBA's 2 promotional apparel became all fans could talk about at the 2018 finals. Finally, another food brand 3 dropped a line of funny merch 4.


Promotional Products and the #RedforEd Movement 5

Earlier this year, teachers in the public-school system 6 started a movement known as the #RedforEd campaign, which advocates for things like fair pay and adequate state funding. Teachers 7 and supporters from all over the country wore red in solidarity and many marched in protest.

This sparked another micro-moment 8, which distributors jumped all over providing red shirts, hats, buttons, signs, etc. How else can educators 9 benefit from promotional apparel? Think outside the box; it's not just booster clubs 10 and band camp 11.

Merced Sun-Star

NBA Finals or NRA Finals? Basketball Fans Say New Era Butchered Championship Hats 12

The NBA 13 finals swag came with a bit of controversy this year. The caps, designed by New Era 14 appeared to say NRA instead of NBA 15, the most common of which is the National Rifle Association, of course. Fans were quick to point out the error on social media 16.

Moral of the story? Always, have another set of eyes look at your promotional apparel designs before they go into production.

Promo Marketing

Four Promotional Apparel Lessons From Kellogg's Extremely Cool Cereal Merch Line 17

We've shown you a lot of food brands 18 and restaurants 19 that have released quirky promotional apparel 20, and today is no different! Kellogg's, one of the nation's leading breakfast brands, released a line including a Poptarts mug 21, slippers 22, and more.

  1. Bet on socks.

  2. Keep it simple.

  3. Make it fun.

  4. Draw on Nostalgia 23.

What's been your favorite bizarre, off-the-wall promotion 24 we've talked about here at Hatswork? Tell us in the comments below.
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