Hatswork Round-Up: April 18, 2019

April 18, 2019 - By Emily Potter

If you have spent any time reading Hatswork, you are no stranger to seeing fast food chains jump on the promotional product bandwagon in strange and unique ways. Today, we are taking a look at McDonald’s partnership with UberEats and the free McDelivery Merch.


McDonald’s Launching Free McDelivery Merch

Food delivery is big business. McDonald’s partnered with rideshare company turned delivery business, Uber for #McDelivery Day. Customers who ordered at least five dollars worth of food received branded McDelivery Merch along with their food.

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Let’s Review Every Single Piece of McDonald’s McDelivery Merch

Featuring a retro fashion themed, the throwback McDelivery Merch was full of the famous bright red and yellow color scheme, graphic images of burgers and fries, and more. Fans on social media were pretty positive about the campaign overall. As we are all well aware by now, people love getting free stuff.

  • Big Mac Socks
  • French Fry Socks
  • Big Mac Fanny Pack
  • French Fry Bandana
  • Denim Jacket
  • Classic T-Shirt
  • Enamel Pins
  • Giant McDelivery Big Mac Box
  • PopSocket


The Power of Swag: Promotional Products Proffer Prominence, Prospects

This article tells the story of how one company provided branded rose gold nail polish to a women’s conference. It teaches the importance of selecting products that will stand out in a crowd. Did you know that 81% of survey respondents reported keeping promotional products for more than a year?

Wearables such as caps, shirts, and jackets, are still the leading promotional product category, followed by drinkware. Consider the following next time you’re placing an promo order.

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