How to Position Promotional Caps in the Promo Products Big Leagues

May 19, 2016 - By Emily Potter
Promotional Caps

SAGE recently released an infographic depicting the top industries investing in promotional products. None of these will probably shock you, but have you considered how promotional caps can be beneficial to each group? Let’s take a quick walk through the top 10, and discuss some effective strategies for positioning caps to each.

1. Education

No, not graduation caps although personally, I can’t figure out why those haven’t caught on in the fashion world yet.

Hats make the perfect addition to any swag bag. These are given to incoming freshman on move-in day or high school students during campus tours. And someone has dropped the ball if there isn’t a Greek lettered hat atop every pledges’ head each fall. With the rise in popularity of private pre-schools and lower level educational institutions, there are endless opportunities for growth.

Promotional Caps

2. Financial

Institutions within the financial industry are always giving away promotional products! I’m sure you received some token of appreciation when you opened a new savings account, or last month when you had your taxes prepared. Hats are an inexpensive way for companies to show gratitude. But there’s a bonus: promotional caps average over 3,000 impressions throughout their lifespan. So, for each thank you they give, thousands of people will see their logo!

Promotional Caps

3. Health Care

When selling within the health industry, remember the health benefits associated with caps. Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists, Oncologists, wellness spas, and even the CDC all preach the importance of limited sun exposure. Promotional caps are a great way to protect the skin and eyes from UV rays. Hats can also be a welcomed gift for patients struggling with hair loss.

Promotional Caps

4. Not-for-Profit Organizations

This is another easy one. What goes great with a fun run? Promotional caps. What do people wear during a survivors’ walk? Hats. It’s a logical way for non-profits to show gratitude to participants or donors, especially during outdoor or physical events. There are charitable events held practically every weekend in most cities. What organizations have an impact on your community? Reach out to them and see what promotional needs they have!

5. Construction

Not only can construction companies use headwear as freebies to give their clients, but they can also outfit their workers. Construction workers are out in the elements all day. When they’re not wearing a hard hat it’s important that they’re still protected. Headwear is versatile, and can meet their needs whether it’s protection from the sun’s rays or keeping rain out of their eyes.

With hats, companies can keep their employees cool and dry in the summer, and ensure they’re safe and warm in the winter. This is a great opportunity to discuss the benefits of high-performance fabrics with your customers. Another option is the OC HiBeam products for night or early morning construction.

6. Government

Nothing works for a political campaign quite like a good old-fashioned American baseball cap. Just ask Donald J. Trump. If the politicians in your community aren’t passing them out to their constituents like apple pie at Mama’s house, well then that’s just not somebody I want to vote for. Caps can be custom embroidered domestically so that all the work stays right here in the U.S., and with no need for overseas shipping, orders have a significantly shorter turnaround time.

Promotional Caps

7. Trade, Professional Associations and Civic Clubs

This is a broad category; these types of groups and organizations range anywhere from groups with similar professional interests such as the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) to organizations sharing similarities such as age and lifestyle as is the case with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). For some organizations, caps can be positioned as a type of uniform so that individuals within the group can feel a sense of belonging. For others, they can be sold as giveaways for events and trade shows.

The key here is to know your audience! Study up on what they do for the community, and the principles of the organization. With a little research, you can find the best way to position headwear so that it fits the needs of each organization you’re trying to sell to.

8. Real Estate

Real Estate is a competitive industry in which each realtor is working towards her own gain. It is similar to owning a small business. Facilitating the sale of properties is how realtors earn their main source of livelihood. To effectively promote the business, they must first promote themselves, and gain the trust of potential clients.

Because they act as an endorsement, hats help build trust. Will people trust the realtor to sell their house because they saw her face on a billboard or in someone’s yard? Perhaps, but a more likely scenario is that they trust her because they think other people trust her. Her hat acts as the wearer’s stamp of approval, and this type of promotion can influence anyone who sees it.

Promotional Caps

9. Automotive

After 5 years without a car payment, I recently caved and upgraded my vehicle. Once I signed away my first-born child, and agreed to a number I’m still a little terrified of do you know what that salesman gave me? You guessed it! A hat!

In the auto industry, hats can be even more effective for places like garages or body shops. When the end consumer wears their hat he shows the world that he recommends the shop, and is satisfied with the work they did on his vehicle. Plus they gave him a cool hat!

10. Professional

Do doctors and lawyers need pens to scribble on prescriptions and legal pads? Of course, they do. But do you know what else they need? Promotional caps to keep the sun out of their eyes during their 10:00 am tee time. Anyone who owns their own practice needs inexpensive fun ways to ensure their brand is recognizable and consistently used out in the community; hats can do that.

With professionals, be sure to sell them on the limitless customizable options. There are tons of hat and design styles to make them look both professional and sharp. It will never look as if someone just stuck a logo on a cap, and their clients will actually want to wear it!

Promotional Caps

In what other industries have you successfully sold headwear? Tell us how you succeeded in the comments, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram using the hashtag #hatswork.