Hatswork Round-Up: March 22, 2018

March 22, 2018 - By Emily Potter

In Today’s Round-Up, we’re looking at promotional hats designed for people with curly hair.

We’re also taking another look at how to heat press headwear. And if you were wondering what Elon Musk decided to sell following The Boring Hat, we have that update for you as well.


Bow Down: Beyonce’ Just Made Promotional Hats that Work for Curly Hair

Beyonce’ is selling a hat, or rather half a hat, designed to accommodate the extra space needed for people with curly hair.

Basically, it’s a 6-panel design with only 4 panels. The two back panels (the ones that would be made of mesh on a meshback) are missing. Instead, the two side panels are connected by an extra-large closure.


Hats Off: Heat Printing Headwear

Back in August, we published an article on How to Head Press Headwear. This article is a refresher on that subject with a step by step guide on pressing all types and surfaces of promotional hats.

Step 1: Flip the sweatband out and place the opening of the hat around the lower platen.

Step 2: Pull the hat tightly against the lower pad to ensure even and equal contact. No void areas between the hat and the pad should be present.

Step 3: Lock down the hold-down device to keep the hat in position during heat transfer placement and application.

Step 4: Place your transfer and press your hat for the recommended time, temperature, and pressure of the transfer you’ve selected.

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Elon Musk’s Branded Flamethrower: The Hottest Promotional Product in the World

We’ve talked twice about Elon Musk’s promotional hats, The Boring Hat. A while back he tweeted what we thought was a joke saying that once he ran out of hats, he would be selling The Boring Company branded flamethrowers.

Spoiler Alert—he wasn’t joking. This article gives you an update on Musk’s latest promo antics.

What do you think, could curl-friendly caps be the next big thing in promotional hats? Let us know in the comments below. You can also follow us on Instagram using the hashtag #hatswork.

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