Hatswork Round-Up: October 31, 2019

October 31, 2019 - By Emily Potter

Happy Halloween from Hatswork!

In today’s Round-Up, we’re looking at music festival merch and patriotic promotional products.

Promo Marketing

The Hottest Thing in Music Festival Merch is this Park Ranger Fedora

I’m still coming down from attending Austin City Limits earlier this month. So, let’s talk about merch tents, shall we?

I have never heard of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, but apparently, it’s a music festival in the Los Angeles area that was started by Tyler the Creator. But the most notable thing about this festival was the Smokey the Bear style New Era hats.


How Much Promo is Too Much?

Last week, we looked at an opinion piece that ripped into the promotional products industry and everything it stands for as well as some of the industry’s rebuttals.

This article is all about utilizing personalization and individual targeting methods when selecting and decorating your promotional products.

“I think we could be reaching a saturation point with generic products with a logo slapped on them, handed out in an unremarkable way to a huge group of people.” -Sara Lavenduski Senior Editor


Top Patriotic Promotional Products for Veterans Day

Veterans Day is Monday, November 11th.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about ideas for patriotic promotional products to be used by the government and politicians . But the same principles can be applied to patriotic holidays. Flag imagery, Americana color schemes, and even military style camouflage patterns can bring your products to life.

  • Patriotic Calendar
  • Camouflage Pen
  • Caps for Veterans
  • Tankard Mug
  • Bullseye Knife

Can you think of any patriotic promotional products that stand out in your mind beyond the MAGA hat? Tell us why in the comments below. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #hatswork.

Emily Potter

Emily is the Content Marketer for Outdoor Cap Co. She holds an M.A. in AD & PR from the University of Alabama and a B.B.A in Marketing. Emily is an avid Crimson Tide football fan. She has a golden retriever named Opie Winston, and a cat named Tide.


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