Hatswork Round-Up: September 20, 2018

September 20, 2018 - By Emily Potter

Today, we’re looking at how HBO went above and beyond to promote Season two of Westworld. We’ll also look at women’s headwear trends and responsibly sourced merchandise.

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HBO Created a Westworld Experience at SXSW that’s Like Disney World with Gunslingers, Women, and Booze—Take an Exclusive Look Inside

Season two of Westworld has already wrapped, but before the premier aired, they ramped up excitement by offering a once-in-a-lifetime immersion role-playing experience to a lucky few fans who attended the South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

HBO hired a cast of 60 actors, six stunt people, five bands, and six horses. They also developed a 440-page script for the 90-minute experience. Fans were shuttled to the secret location of Sweetwater where they could interact with the hosts, find hidden treasures with sneak peeks into the show, and more.

As far as the promotional product aspect, guests were given token coins that could be traded in for drinks, or kept as a memento, personalized letters from the post office, and white or black cowboy hats just like in the show.


Women’s Spring/Summer Headwear Trends

Here at Hatswork, we publish a biannual series on headwear trends. Twice a year we look at the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter headwear trends. This article focuses on the women’s styles for the spring and summer.

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The Case for Responsibly Sourced Branded Merchandise

More and more people are concerned about where the products they purchase came from. We care that the workers are paid and treated fairly and that the environment saw little to no impact from its production. This article digs into the ins and outs of responsibly sourced promotional products.

  • Demand greater vendor transparency.
  • Align association values with promotional products.

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