Hatswork Round-Up: May 24, 2018

May 24, 2018 - By Emily Potter

Today we’re looking at two different cases of women with headwear. One who caused a visor to sell out after her sports apparel contract expired, and one who used a popular movie franchise to give back to her community.

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Women with Headwear: Why a Promotional Visor for the Australian Open is Getting a Lot of Attention

Simona Halep is the number-one ranked women’s tennis singles player. In January, she proved that women with headwear make waves.

She competed in the Australia Open without an apparel sponsor, after her contract with Adidas ended in December 2017. Unwilling to wear an athletic brand without being compensated, she wore a custom dress and the gift-shop Australian Open promotional visor.

And no surprise, #VisorsWork; that very piece of branded headwear sold out almost immediately after she sported it in competition. Adidas is probably kicking themselves for letting that opportunity go, but the Australia Open is certainly glad for the publicity and extra sales.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Embroidered Apparel

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  1. Not Knowing the Vocabulary
  2. Sending the Wrong Size Logo
  3. Not Pricing the Stitch Count
  4. Not Sending the Right Artwork
  5. Overlooking the Details

Des Moines Register

Mercy Hospital Sports Star Wars Themed Caps in Honor of May the Fourth

May 4 has come to be known as May the Fourth Be with You day in honor of the Star Wars franchise. One woman in Iowa made Star Wars themed infant caps and donated them to babies born on May 4th at Des Moines Mercy Medical Center.

The hats included a Princess Leia one featuring her iconic buns and a green one with Yoda ears.

In February, she donated Valentine’s Day themed hats, and says she will continue to make them for future holidays.

We want to hear all your women with headwear stories. Share them with us in the comments below.

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