Hatswork Round-Up: November 9, 2017

November 9, 2017 - By Emily Potter

The Houston Astros won the Major League Baseball World Series last week. In this Round-Up, we’re looking at two articles about the Minor League giveaways.

We’ll also show you how one headwear supplier is now offering caps made in the U.S.A.

Promo Marketing

Syracuse Minor League Baseball Team (Temporarily) Rebrands as Salt Potatoes

We’ve talked before about how MiLB is known for its off-the-wall team names. They take pride in being goofy and not taking themselves too seriously.

The Syracuse Chiefs were a prime example when they changed their team name to the Syracuse Salt Potatoes for one night, even offering giveaways including 1000 replica jerseys.


Minor League Baseball Giveaways: Bastion of Promotional Creativity

This article takes things a step further and describes some of the craziest and most profitable promotional product giveaways teams in MiLB have sponsored including a shrimp-shaped neck pillow, and headbands promoting trout conservation.

Minor League teams use giveaways, theme nights, and other incentives to increase ticket sales and lure fans to the game. There’s virtually nothing off limits; if there’s a chance a promotion will bring in first-timers or lock in lifetime fans, the MiLB is on board.

Outdoor Cap

Outdoor Cap Launches American-Made Lifestyle Brand [Banner and Oak]

Outdoor Cap is one of the nation’s leading headwear suppliers in the promotional products industry. They recently branched out into the B2C space by launching an American-Made outdoor lifestyle called Banner and Oak.

Banner and Oak boasts six cap styles, each with two colorways, t-shirts, and sew-on patches. Everything, with the exception of the metal part of the cap buttons, is designed, made, and assembled in the U.S.A. You can follow Banner and Oak on Instagram and Facebook.

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Emily Potter

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