Hatswork Round-Up: October 26, 2017

October 26, 2017 - By Emily Potter

Today we’re taking another dive into the education industry as it pertains to promotional headwear.

We’ll also look at some security updates being made to trade shows held in Las Vegas in the aftermath of recent events.

Promo Marketing

Getting Schooled: Being a Student of Educational Sales

Here at Hatswork, we’ve talked excessively about the education industry. We’ve looked at headwear sales at the college level, high school, and non-traditional learning.

This article takes a bit of a different approach. Instead of focusing on how to make sales into the education market, it focuses on how reps should be constantly educating themselves in order to stay relevant when targeting schools with promotional headwear.

  • Making a Difference
  • Courting Customers
  • Binding Ties
  • Minding Matters


Back to School Promos

We’re a little late getting to this one, as schools have been back in session for a couple months now. My apologies!

This blog is all about products for a back to school campaign—what they are and why they work. The most obvious being school supplies, and apparel promoting the school, teams, clubs, etc.

And promotional headwear, of course.

  • They will be used.
  • Get more impressions for your buck.
  • You won’t struggle to reach your audience.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Trade Shows Add Security in Wake of Las Vegas Shootings

I don’t have to remind you of the events that took place in Las Vegas on the night of October 1st. The country is still mourning the loss of 58 lives, which was the result of a mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay.

As you know, the PPAI Expo is held each January in the Mandalay Bay. This article discusses how security has been increased in the weeks following for trade shows located in Las Vegas.

Updates include bag checks, photo IDs, and background checks.

Will we still see you in Vegas for the Expo? For more information, follow us on Instagram using the hashtag #hatswork.

Emily Potter

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