Hatswork Round-Up: November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018 - By Emily Potter

In today’s Round-Up, we’re introducing you to a new piece of the promotional apparel market known as outletic apparel.

We’ll also discuss how promotional caps favor when compared to digital advertising efforts, and Philadelphia’s Wizard World Comic Con. .

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What Exactly is Outletic Apparel, and Why Should You Care?

You’ve heard us use the word athleisure over and over, but sit back because there is a new mashup in the apparel world: outletic. If you couldn’t tell, this is a cross between outdoors and athletic.

In a nutshell, outletic clothing is made for comfortable exercise in harsher conditions than a gym or yoga studio, like hiking or rock climbing. I’m excited to see how technology and performance materials will be incorporated into this new corner of the market.

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Branded Giveaways and Other Promotional Products: Do They Still Have an Impact?

This article discusses the staying power of promotional products, especially when compared to digital advertising. Even retargeting ads, which follow a user for weeks online, can’t match the seven months that promo caps are kept on average. And over 60% of users will give it away after those seven months.

We live in a world of ad blockers; consumers are used to ignoring unwanted marketing efforts. So why not give them a message they want to receive?

  • Numbers don’t lie—promotional products (and hats) work!
  • Promotional products have a high impact on audiences.


Promotional Products Were Everywhere at Wizard World Comic Con

In addition to being an entertainment and pop culture gold mine, the Wizard World Comic Con is a treasure trove of promotional products including apparel and tech gifts. Check out the full article to see more.

What do you think about the new trend? Is outletic the new athleisure? Let us know in the comments below.

Emily Potter

Emily is the Content Marketer for Outdoor Cap Co. She holds an M.A. in AD & PR from the University of Alabama and a B.B.A in Marketing. Emily is an avid Crimson Tide football fan. She has a golden retriever named Opie Winston, and a cat named Tide.


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