12 Things You Didn’t Know About Promotional Headwear (Infographic)

March 1, 2016 - By Ben Roberts

Who has time to think about the VALUE your advertising dollars bring? You are busy running a business. The last thing you have time for is researching the best way to spend your money to market your business. But you’re in luck! We did it for you! Check out this colorful infographic with at least 12 things you didn’t know about promotional headwear (hint: it has a lot of bang for your buck when you look at the numbers – a.k.a. value). Enjoy.

Download the JPG below (right click: Save Link As…):

A Closer Look at Headwear (infographic)

[2018 UPDATE]

Here’s a new version of the Value of Headwear.

Enjoyable, attractive, and useful. That’s the trifecta of good exposure for your brand! Hats get 3,136 impressions on average over their useful lifetime (which is quite a while). That’s the equivalent of about $60 in online banner advertising.

Which impression is better? A fleeting glance at an ad on a website? Or a potential customer that notices YOUR company on one of YOUR customers. Implied endorsement is powerful marketing. Hatswork, people.