Hatswork Round-Up: January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018 - By Emily Potter

In today’s Round-Up we’re looking at some crowd-sourced predictions of apparel trends for 2018 by professionals within the promotional products market.

We’ll also discuss the top ten corporate gift giving ideas, and look at how one haute brand is teaming up with MLB to create high-fashion baseball caps.


Readers Predict 2018 Apparel Trends

ASI Interviewed eight industry professionals to get their take on what to expect in 2018 for promotional apparel trends. Trucker caps were named as one of the top contenders to watch out for.

Other cited apparel trends include: performance fabrics, colored heathers, neon mesh, and chambray/denim styles.


Brandazzlers Recommends the Top 10 Best New Year Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

We talked a lot about utilizing headwear as a corporate gift to celebrate company and employee milestones in our tech startup article on Monday.

This article is all about showing appreciation to employees through corporate gift giving. And of course, apparel makes the list.

  1. Notebook Combos
  2. Planners
  3. Desktop Items
  4. Calendars
  5. Alcohol Accessories
  6. Drinkware
  7. Clocks/Watches
  8. Apparel
  9. Tech Products
  10. Bags

Promo Marketing

My 5 Favorite Promotions of the Week

This is an opinion piece from one of the writers at Promo Marketing. She selects her top five favorite promotions from the previous week. This article includes a high-fashion Gucci label cap with Major League Baseball team logos.

  1. Sixers Scarf
  2. La Colombe Skateboard
  3. R. Smith’s Ugly Christmas Hoodie
  4. Jackson Jaguars No Baloney Tee
  5. Gucci’s MLB Hats

What are your apparel trend predictions for the next 12 months? Have you given branded headwear to your employees as a gift? Leave us feedback in the comments below. You can also follow us on Instagram using the hashtag #hatswork.

Emily Potter

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