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Hatswork Round-Up: June 8, 2017

Today we're looking at some of the top influential industries 1 in the promo world starting with real estate.

We'll also discuss PPAI's new Get In Touch campaign designed to advertise the value of our industry.


Top Trends for Real Estate Marketing in 2017 2

A while back, we wrote two blog posts on selling caps to the real estate industry 3. This article is on the 4 top trends real estate professionals 4 will be using to market their business in 2017. It should come as no surprise that utilizing promotional products makes the list!

  • Improving Lead Generation

  • Encouraging Referrals

  • Incorporating Promotional Products

  • Use Social Media

Media Post

PPAI Tells Marketers to Get In Touch with Promotional Products

The Get In Touch campaign, founded by Promotional Products Association International (PPA) 5, is targeted to reach ad agency media buyers and in-house marketers to showcase the benefits of promotional products by literally putting brands in the hands of consumers.

The campaign was launched during Promotional Products Work! Week 6, which is an event that started in 2013.

Design Hill

Top Buyers and Industries Using Promotional Products for Business Promotion 7

This article discusses the industries, which purchase the most promotional products year over year. It also lists out the top 100 global companies that spend heavily on promotional product programs. We've covered a lot of these already, which one do you want to see next?

Are there any markets 28 on this list you want us to take a deep dive into for future blogs? Let us know in the comments below. You can also follow us on Instagram 29 using the hashtag #hatswork.
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