Hatswork Round-Up: March 16, 2017

March 16, 2017 - By Emily Potter

Happy (early) St. Patrick’s Day! Today, we are bringing you some more trade show secrets to help you succeed at industry events. We’ll also look at some more ways to show gratitude to your employees with promos and expand your company’s reach in doing so.


Trade Show Tips for Promotional Product Pros

This article is a handy guide to help you get the most out of any trade show you attend. If you’re new to the industry or you’re first joining the trade show scene in 2017, these tips and tricks will be a godsend.

The highlights are listed below, but be sure to take some time to really dive into this article. It may be long, but it is worth the read.

  • Set Basic Goals
  • Plan Ahead
  • Attend Networking Events
  • Navigate Nimbly
  • Successfully Follow Up


Pitch Budget-Friendly Employee Gifts to CEOs and Small Business Owners

Last week, we talked about the importance of employee appreciation promos. This blog talks about giving your employees gifts that they will actually want to receive. 5 budget-friendly options are suggested including, you guessed it, caps!

Although this particular blog is geared toward holiday giving, the same sentiment rings true for new hires, work anniversaries, and job-well-done gifts.

Deppe Communications

Getting those Promos in the Right Hands

This article is all about taking those promotional caps and pushing them out to your target audience. Your goals for your promos are to win repeat business from your current customers and close sales with potential customers. You can’t do that if you’re not getting your caps in those customers’ hands. Rather, on their heads.

  • Ask the Experts
  • Deck Out Your Employees
  • Offer Samples and Freebies
  • Arrange Social Media Contests
  • Partner with Other Businesses

Once again, we’re hearing how important it is to treat your employees well. After all, they are your company’s first customers.

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Emily Potter

Emily is the Content Marketer for Outdoor Cap Co. She holds an M.A. in AD & PR from the University of Alabama and a B.B.A in Marketing. Emily is an avid Crimson Tide football fan. She has a golden retriever named Opie Winston, and a cat named Tide.


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